We catch quality fish & lots of them. Our experience, work ethic & pursuit of excellence helps us out-fish the competition.


Wild Coast Wilderness Resort has 6 vessels, each custom designed & built for West Coast Vancouver Island fishing. Comfortably outfitted with large heated cabins, enclosed marine toilets (excluding our open air centre-con) satellite stereos and enormous fishing platforms, these boats were custom built to our specs for the job at hand – busy, active and safe West Coast BC fishing.


We tailor our gear to the type of fishing you are doing on the day, so whether you are fishing for Chinook or Coho salmon, or fishing for Halibut & other bottom fish, you’ll always be using new, high quality gear that suits the conditions and optimizes your chance to max out your daily quota.

All of our rods and reels are in great condition with fresh line and terminal tackle. When trolling for salmon, we use 10.5 foot limber salmon rods with West Coast single-action reels and new, high quality line and leaders. Halibut rods are sturdy 6 footers with heavy duty double action reels and 100 lb braided line to ensure the fat monster on the other end doesn’t get away. We have extra rods and reels ready on the boats, so we don’t waste time on tangle ups or gear problems, you just fish and enjoy the water.

To accurately target the fish at the right depth when trolling, we use up-to-date powered Scotty downriggers.  Once you’ve hooked on to a fish, we’re able to retrieve the trolling gear with speed so your fight with the fish is uninterrupted.


At Wild Coast Wilderness Resort, our seasoned guides use proven techniques, developed and perfected exclusively on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, to help you catch more fish. Fully certified for salt water fishing and boat operation in our waters, our guides have an absolute passion for sport fishing; this, along with years of friendly customer service, has turned our guides into the best quality, most knowledgeable & safety conscientious seasoned professionals in the business. Our guides are the most valuable piece of tackle you can take with you, and they work hard to make sure you have a fun, safe and productive day on the water.

With our guides fishing on a daily basis and our boats constantly sharing information back and forth, your opportunities to catch your fishing quota each day is multiplied.