Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have a question about fishing with Wild Coast Wilderness Resort? Look below for a list of answers to common questions from our guests.

Your fishing trip includes a full 8 hour fishing days. We supply a fishing guide, bait and tackle and clean your catch at the end of the day. The boat will be stocked with water bottles and pop.

A fishing license, fish processing, shipping containers, (all are available for purchase at Wild Coast Wilderness Store) alcoholic beverages and gratuities are not included in the package price. Lunch can be purchased for an additional $25 per person, plus fees.

Wild Coast Wilderness Resort does supply all the gear, tackle and bait that you will need for fishing. You are very welcome to bring any of you own fishing gear along with you.

Yes, you can bring non-fishing guests with you. The trip is priced for 4 guests, extra guests are an additional $100 with a maximum of five people. We also have great beaches and hiking trails that non-fishing guests can explore.

It would depend on the level of fishing experience your child has. Wild Coast Wilderness Resort’s boats do fish 25 miles offshore on the Swiftsure Bank and some people do get seasick. While many groups will opt to continue to fish when an adult member of the party experiences seasickness, this is typically a much more difficult option to choose where a child is concerned.

Also, it should be noted that your child would be considered a person on the boat, so a license would need to be purchased (child licenses are available) and a fee would be applicable.

The individual price does go up if the number of people in your group goes down. If you can’t find another fishing buddy to take your friend’s place, your group can use your friend’s deposit to augment the increase in price.

Yes, Wild Coast Wilderness Resort has 6 charter boats and can host small, medium and large groups. A group of up to 20 to 28 people would have the Lodge all for themselves. We can also offer assistance with planning and derby prizes.

Yes, one day fishing charters can be booked when boats are available; the policy is to reserve these charters during the same month as the fishing day. For example, a fishing day in July would be booked in July.

Yes, we do rent out our lodging to non-fishing guests year-round, though at the height of the fishing season (July and August), availability is limited and priority is given to our guests on a fishing charter package. As such, we do encourage prospective guests to phone us to check availability during these months.

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Wild Coast Wilderness Resort is just a quick two hour drive from Victoria or Nanaimo, BC.

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Depending on how you are travelling to Canada and where you are travelling from, the documentation required to enter the country will vary.  As of June 1, 2009 under the Western Himisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), visitors from the United States who plan on driving across the border will need a valid passport or passport equivilant (enhanced drivers’ license, for example) to enter the country.  US visitors arriving by air will need a valid passport.

» Not from the US or Canada? View the travel requirements for your country.

*** Please note that border regulations are subject to change. Please do not rely on the information presented here and check the latest travel requirements for your country before you depart to Canada.  This information was last updated January 31st, 2012.

Yes, we do supply rain gear, boots, pants & coats, if it is needed. You should bring warm clothes as it can be cool out on the ocean.

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Cell phones do have limited service in Port Renfrew and they roam through the United States. We do offer complimentary Wi-Fi; ask for the password at check-in.

Yes, you will need to purchase a fishing license and salmon conservation stamp before you go fishing for the day. They can be purchased on-line (Canadian guests only), at various locations, or at Wild Coast Wilderness Resort. For non Canadians, we suggest purchasing your license within Canada, as you will not be able to retain your halibut.

Fish limits are set by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and are subject to change. Please refer to our fishing regulations page for the latest maximum quotas.

Most of our guests have their fish vacuum packed and flash frozen at Wild Coast Wilderness Resort. After vacuum sealing the catch, the fish is then pack into a shipping crate (sold at Wild Coast Wilderness Resort, or brought by the guest) and take their fish home on the plane or car with them. This helps to preserve that “just caught” freshness all winter, until the guest can come again the following fishing season.

There are many outdoor activities and attractions in and around Port Renfrew. For a few ideas, visit our About Port Renfrew page.

The store at Wild Coast Wilderness Resort carries a wide variety of items, some of which include: fishing tackle, camping gear and a wide selection of gifts and clothing that make perfect gifts for loved ones, or for yourself as a souvenier.

Yes, alcoholic consumption (within reason) is permitted on the boat as your Guide will be in control of the vessel. As a courtesy to other members of your fishing charter, and for the safety of yourselves and your Guide, responsible drinking while on board the vessel is expected.