Whale Watching

With deer, seals, sea lions, porpoises, whales, eagles, bears and wolves living in our area (just to name a few of our locals), a West Coast Wildlife Tour is a sure bet for an exciting adventure and a lasting memory.

There is nowhere quite like the rugged West Coast wilderness. Surrounded by the sea, the mountains and the temperate rainforest, Port Renfrew really is nature’s paradise. Wild creatures love it here, and you’ll be sure to see some incredible birds and beasts in the vicinity of our Vancouver Island resort.


When you set off on the boat to explore the area around Trailhead’s BC fishing lodge, you’re sure to spot some of the area’s wildlife. As we head along the coast, alongside protected parkland, look towards the shoreline and you could spot deer, elk, bears or even a wolf! Look to the sky and you will see soaring bald eagles and hawks on the hunt for prey. As we head out to sea, escorted by friendly Dall’s porpoise, we’ll take you to nature’s playground where you’ll see whales spout, breach, spyhop, dive and lobtail… this is what British Columbia whale watching is all about.

We have four regular whale and dolphin species in our waters:

  • Orcas (Killer Whales),
  • Grey Whales,
  • Humpback Whales,
  • and Dall’s Porpoise.

You’ll also see an abundance of sea lions, harbour seals and river otters in the waters that we visit.

Full of beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, a Wildlife and Nature tour is always a fun way to spend the day. Call to request a reservation today!


The cost of the whale watching tour is $125/hr, with a minimum duration of 4 hours. Call for details!

  • All Safety Equipment
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Water Bottle
  • Extra Clothes
  • Sun Protection
  • Waterproof Shoes or Sandals
  • Waterproof Camera